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IP and Digital Telephones

Digium’s D80 phone is a revolutionary touchscreen IP Phone featuring a 7-inch HD display and advanced touch-optimized applications. This model is ideal for all users who want an exceptional and easy-to-use interface with the highest level of quality.


Digium’s New Switchvox E Series Appliance: In August 2017 Digium released the new E series of Appliances-providing all features included and simple & intuitive programming for the end user-lessening the need to be vendor dependent. Digium is recognized as the BEST VALUE IN UC PHONE SYSTEMS.


The company that is reinventing the phone system: Digium can be deployed in multiple ways, simply choose the deployment method that is right for your organization. Digium running on new E series server, or cloud based solution is easy to manage and saves you money.


At Unitel, we know how vital communications are to your business. A properly planned and implemented installation is the foundation for a smooth operating, easy-to-use communication system for both you and for your customer.

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A Higher Standard In Business Phone Systems
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Digium logo“The Digium Family of IP Communication Systems”
Digium offers 3 Flavors of IP Communication Systems:

  • Cloud-Based or Hosted Systems
  • Digium’s Switchvox System in Appliance
  • Digium’s Switchvox System -Virtual System


Switchvox is the Best Communications System for Your Business

Digium with SwitchvoxSwitchvox is more than a phone system - it's a better way to communicate. The combination of Switchvox and Digium phones provides a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution for small and mid-sized businesses by integrating all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat, and web conferencing, to give you a customized communications experience. It allows you to access call queues, presence and the applications you need right at your fingertips!

With the Switchvox Softphone App for iPhone and Android and our web-based Switchboard and user interface, employees can be productive from anywhere. No longer are users tied to their desk whenever they need to make a phone call! Switchvox also has tools that can connect your existing software and applications, such as Salesforce CRM and Outlook, to better arm your users with the contact information they need, when they need it. Talk about flexibility!

History of Digium: The Future of Telecom

Mark SpencerIn 1999, an Auburn College student Mark Spencer was running a Linux support business out of his dorm room and since he couldn’t afford a legacy telephone system, he created his own by writing software he called Asterisk and made the first calls over the internet.

Mark Spencer’s open-sourced innovation disrupted the 7-billion-dollar Telecom Industry. Today Spencer’s company is called Digium, based in Huntsville, Alabama technology park and is often referred to as the future of telecom.

When Unitel was faced with choosing a new product the options were one of the well-known traditional legacy systems with proprietary software and telephones, or an open-sourced product that provided a full range of features in a single software for less money.

At the same time, Digium is a growing company looking to expand its market and brand. It was perfect timing and a perfect fit.

Welcome to the Future of Telecom- Digium brought to you by Unitel, Inc.

Digium D80 Desktop phone
Digium Testimonials:
We called Digium customers across the country: Here’s what they had to say-

  • “Yes we are huge fans of Digium here.  We have had our system for about 6 years and it is fantastic!  We are a medical facility which includes a hospital, so having a reliable phone system is critical.  We have close to 400 phones in our system and zero problems.  Not to mention the cost effectiveness of having a spare system on hand for a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.”

  • “We decided to move to Digium in 2015. The system is great and pretty much once everything is setup you do not have to worry about it (This was important to us because we have a small IT staff).  If you have any further questions let me know.“
  • “Overall, our experience with Digium has been quite positive. I think Digium is a great solution for us, and at the time was less than half of the next cheapest option at the time. “
  • “I’d be glad to share some thoughts with you about my experience with Digium. First off, I come from an PC networking background and don’t have that much experience with traditional phone systems at the enterprise level. I’m also a proponent of Open Source software and technology, and it was through learning about the Asterisk project that my manager at the time and I learned of Digium.
  • From a technical standpoint, here are a few things I love about Digium:
    • Its core operating system is stable, secure, and has a small footprint. As a network and cyber security guy, one less device running Microsoft Windows on my network is a good thing.
    •  It runs on the network infrastructure we already have in place and continue to invest in. VoIP is essentially just another network service, albeit one treated with a higher priority than others. 
    • Implementation, setup, and management can all be handled using processes and procedures similar to any other computer network project. I dislike vendor lock-in, so it’s very important to me that Digium uses industry standard network protocols and communication standards. Installation and management is simple, straightforward, and fast.
    • Pricing is outstanding compared to many competitors. The value is incredible for what’s included and what Digium is capable of doing. It has a wonderful feature-set that I think will complement most organizations and certainly outperforms many legacy systems.
    • The end result is a product that is as easy-to-use as the end user expects. It may be even easier than what they’ve used previously. If there are power-users that want more advanced functionality, it’s available for them as well—without any add-on packages or extra purchases needed
    • The philosophy of Open Source technology has existed since the beginning of modern computing, and without it we may never have had what became the personal computer. I like knowing that I’m using and supporting something that was shared with the world so that everyone can learn from it, improve upon it, and perhaps make the world a better place.”



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