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IP and Digital Telephones

View our IP and Digital Telephone systems. The right telephone system gives you the power to increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfaction. To meet your business needs, Toshiba IPedge offers three models.


Give Your Business the Edge! The right telephone system gives you the power to increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfaction. To meet your business needs, Toshiba IPedge offers three models.

IP Telephones

5000-Series IP Telephones. Built to withstand the rigors of any busy workplace, Toshiba IP Business Telephones improve your ROI by eliminating long distance charges between locations, extending capabilities to remote locations, and connecting wired and wireless systems.


At Unitel, we know how vital communications are to your business. A properly planned and implemented installation is the foundation for a smooth operating, easy-to-use communication system for both you and for your customer.

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Storm Season Is Upon Us!Storm Season

Complete Auto Body - Greenleaf, Wi

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 7, 2013, a series of "super-storms", including 6 confirmed tornadoes, took aim at Northeast Wisconsin, leaving behind a path of destruction that affected many families and businesses. In the small rural community of Greenleaf, WI, Complete Auto Body owners, Tim Trudell and Chad Gehrke, arrived at work to find half of their building destroyed.

Their immediate concern was that the business they built around delivering timely services and a pleasant customer experience would continue to operate without disruption.
When power was restored to the area on Thursday, they were pleasantly surprised when the phones stared to ring! Complete Auto Body called their Toshiba representative at Unitel, Inc. in Appleton to ask if they could come and assess the damage to the phone system and what it would take to make any necessary repairs and replace the phones that were missing. Although their Toshiba CIX telephone system had a number of phones destroyed (or missing) and wires ripped from the walls - along with their paging speakers - the Toshiba system was still working!
A wall phone found among the debris covered in dirt and insulation was found and given to the representative from Unitel.

He brought it back to the office to show the staff and they decided to plug it in to see if it still worked...

And it did!!! Although the phone went through all of the wind, rain and tossing around, it was still completely operational!

Since Complete Auto Body began in 1999, they have continually seen growth, prosperity and a very loyal customer base. They were hoping a "little storm" wouldn't disrupt their work-flow or ruin their hard-earned reputation for delivering superior quality and on-time service. They will continue to offer a full service shop -providing bodywork, mechanical, alignments, framework, tires and parts.

Unitel, Inc. had approximately 131 Toshiba customer systems in the area affected by the tornadoes.  Of these 131, NONE of the systems had to be replaced!  After contacting many of these 131 customers, we learned that all systems "powered-up" just as they should have when electricity was restored to the area.

Complete Auto Body, LLC
1711 School Rd
Greenleaf, WI 54126
(920) 532-6239

Toshiba systems have always been rated at the top of the industries "Most Reliable".  Now we can add "Tornado Tested - Tornado Tough"!

 January, 2013
As a courtesy to you, our customer, we want to inform you that we have received several calls from other customers stating they are receiving "invoices" from a phone service company called U.S. Telcom for about $425.00. 


Please read the information below collected from the Better Business Bureau website:

December 28, 2011
"A local business has informed our BBB that an F-rated company, US Telecom (aka UST Development, Inc.) based in Ontario, CA is soliciting in our region. US Telecom has a history of sending fraudulent invoices to businesses for 'maintenance warranties' in the amount of $175.00 to $350.00. These invoices are solicitations for business, not an actual bill. You are not obligated to pay this amount to US Telecom/UST Development, Inc. This company has had 139 complaints filed in the past year, and many have gone unanswered. Per Title 29, United States Code, Section 3001, it is illegal to mail a solicitation in the form of an invoice, bill, or statement of account due unless it conspicuously bears a notice on its face that it is, in fact, merely a solicitation".

April 10, 2012 Update:
"We have received multiple calls from businesses across the nation who report that the $425.00 solicitation invoices they have received show US Telecom's return address has changed to: P.O. Box 970 La Verne, CA 91750-1970. As of 4/10/2012, the solicitation invoices still do NOT state anywhere that they are a solicitation for business, and the company has a total of 262 complaints filed against them".

BBB Recommendation: File a complaint with your state Attorney General as well as with your local US Postal Inspector.  To find the Postal Inspector that services your area, visit this website.

To see further information about US Telecom/UST Development, Inc., see their BBB Business Review. If you have any questions about these invoices, feel free to contact our BBB at 509-455-4200 or


Toshiba IPedge phoneHello Everyone!

When the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce decided to replace their old PBX system, project leader Cindy Champeau ( brought in professional consultant Joanne Fisher ( from Telecom Insites to assist in the selection process. Joanne assists businesses in analyzing their telephone and internet services to ensure they are getting the best service value. Cindy provided the guidelines and Joanne the industry knowledge. They selected Unitel Inc. and the Toshiba IPedge single-server communications system. Combined with big screen display speakerphones the IPedge has met and exceeded expectations!

Cindy added, "The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce went through a bid process. We were very impressed with Unitel's proposal and their level of expertise when suggesting the Toshiba IPedge phone system. We wanted a system that was user-friendly and would last for years to come. Not only did they listen to our needs, they gave us solutions to challenges that we didn't know could be fixed. This system has been wonderful with all the technology advances and standard features. Unitel has been exceptional and working with them was truly a rewarding experience. Professional, ethical, creative, courteous, and knowledgeable are all words that describe our experience."

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