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IP and Digital Telephones IPedge IP Telephones Service for phone system

IP and Digital Telephones

Digium’s D80 phone is a revolutionary touchscreen IP Phone featuring a 7-inch HD display and advanced touch-optimized applications. This model is ideal for all users who want an exceptional and easy-to-use interface with the highest level of quality.


Digium’s New Switchvox E Series Appliance: In August 2017 Digium released the new E series of Appliances-providing all features included and simple & intuitive programming for the end user-lessening the need to be vendor dependent. Digium is recognized as the BEST VALUE IN UC PHONE SYSTEMS.


The company that is reinventing the phone system: Digium can be deployed in multiple ways, simply choose the deployment method that is right for your organization. Digium running on new E series server, or cloud based solution is easy to manage and saves you money.


At Unitel, we know how vital communications are to your business. A properly planned and implemented installation is the foundation for a smooth operating, easy-to-use communication system for both you and for your customer.

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A Higher Standard In Business Phone Systems
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Routers, Switches and Networking

Unitel offers computer network services, including routers, switches, access points, and wireless bridges. We design customer networks, taking in account their current needs but also future growth. Once designed, Unitel implements the design to the customer’s satisfaction with cost-effective enterprise grade equipment.

AdtranUnitel can easily connect multiple sites behind a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that all sites can be reached through their computers safely and securely.

If a customer has multiple building campus, there is no need for each building to have expensive separate internet access. Unitel implements low-cost, high-efficiency wireless antennas to connect multiple buildings and share voice/ internet services from the main building, saving the customer money on a monthly basis.


Adtran NetVanta 1535 Gigabit Switch

Adtran NetVanta 1535 Gigabit Switch Adtran NetVanta 1535 Gigabit Switch














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