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Unitel has recently partnered with 5-Star Telecom now we are your One-Stop-Shop for line services and telephone services.

Why Work with Unitel as a Five Star Agent?:

About Five-Star Telecom:
Since its beginning in 1973, they’ve become one of the largest interconnect companies in the Upper Midwest, with multiple locations serving the tri-state area as well as La Crosse. There’s a reason for their growth: Five Star continually meets the needs of customers – and exceed their expectations, and they are ready to exceed yours.

You may know exactly what services you need, or maybe you just want your company operations to run more smoothly and efficiently. Whatever your situation, Five Star has the experience and knowledge to get you connected.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, they will work with you every step of the way – while keeping your project on schedule and within budget. Using the latest technology, Five Star’s qualified staff and certified technicians provide solutions that meet your needs.

The telecommunication field is incessantly changing – wireless networks, computer telephony integration, backup recovery, managed IT service, increasing internet speeds – and Five Star is ready to meet the challenge.

Why Work with Five Star Telecom for Your Carrier Services:

  • We learn your business structure and goals upfront
  • We understand your IT infrastructure and how it integrates with your carrier service needs
  • We determine the optimal solution for your business
  • We do the research & negotiate contracts
  • We stay on with your team to handle all customer service escalations-talk to a representative in the USA.
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Unitel has recently invested in an off-site secure backup facility in Green Bay and Wisconsin Rapids for our customers to protect their voice communication information.

  • Disaster Relief Site-backs up your valuable data from your communication system (greetings, programming, messages, etc.)
  • Protects your business in the event of a disaster (weather-related, fire, etc.)
  • Sends notifications to Unitel Technical Group and Company employees if the backup fails
  • Sends stored information to a secondary site and can have your company back in business ASAP should a disaster occur
  • Set up fees are waived for new installations
  • Requires authorization/waiver form, signature, and email address for notification
    You can have it all, and it all starts with Unitel!

Click here to learn about the new line interface called SIP that can save you money!

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