Testimonial from Pomp’s Tire Service on Disaster Recovery Program:

Pomps tire logo largerPomp’s Tire Service is a long-time customer of Unitel’s -they have well over 100 locations across the country.

From Doug Barrett (Corporate IT Manager):

“In short – I will be able to enjoy our holiday weekend because of our disaster recovery backup being in place. Today, we had a VMware host crash and reboot, and in the process, managed to wipe out the virtual hard disk for the Switchvox server. Through an unfortunate series of events, our local backup for this particular server didn’t exist and was unrecoverable.

Through Unitel’s quick response and action in getting the base server rebuilt, the tech was able to restore the server from a backup and get us back up and running like it never even happened. The total outage time from the moment the server crashed until given the all-clear was under 2 hours, and that includes us diagnosing the issue, downloading the images, and coordinating the restore.”

Had the backup not been in place, right now and through most of the weekend we’d be rebuilding hundreds of IVR’s, SIP channels, and extensions. Needless to say it’s quite the relief knowing we have this in place going forward.”

Unitel’s Disaster Recovery program is included with all new system installs and customers covered under the SUS Maintenance program. Customers outside the SUS Maintenance program pay a low price annually of $199.

What does this have to do with telephone systems?

For the most part people can work from home or do computer related work if they have available bandwidth. However, the traditional telephone system is more restrictive.

For our customers that have the Switchvox system in any platform (VMware, premise-based, or cloud) you have the ability to place up to five devices on a license or subscription -this means if you have a desk phone, you can also have a mobile app on your smart phone or a softphone on a laptop or similar device.

The mobility allows your staff to work from home if needed and still intercom, transfer, check voicemails, change status and operate as if they are in the office. Additionally, it sends their business number masking their cell or home phone number caller ID.

Here is a link to the softphone:


Unlike competitive systems you are not required to purchase a license for every device. Remember, one Switchvox subscription license supports up to five devices -saving money and resources.

Also, keep in mind that this may not be a short-term issue and it’s important you make plans for what could be a new normal.

If you have the award winning Switchvox system from Sangoma and want to expand the capabilities or if you need this system please call 800-359-7833 or email customerservice@unitelinc.com TODAY.

If you do NOT have the Switchvox system and wish to learn more, we can set up a free online webinar with the manufacturer at a time of your convenience.

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