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Why Choose Switchvox?
Why choose Unitel?

In today’s world, the customer defines success for any technology investment. Unitel understands it takes more than just the telephone system to be successful. We address the line services on the front end, and the wiring, paging, and peripherals on the backend to assemble a proposal that covers the entire scope of the deployment. What this means to a business owner is a complete comprehensive proposal that includes monthly service, system, and any wiring, or network costs. We also provide on-site training for your staff by a Unitel Customer Service Rep. Knowing how to properly use new technology helps build success. No surprises is the best surprise of all!


The Future of Telecom: It only seems like Magic!

Imagine a voice communication system where all features are included, no extra modules or license to purchase? It’s Here!

Unitel is proud to feature the latest offerings from Sangoma. Let us show you how Switchvox telephone system makes your business more efficient.

  • Unified Messaging
  • Call Center/ACD functionality
  • Call Recording
  • Multi-party conferencing
  • Call Accounting
  • Desk Top Integration
  • Color-Screen telephones
  • Touch-Screen telephones
  • Access to API integration/CRM&ERP
  • Software & Feature updates


Unitel is it magic

No, it’s not magic, it’s simply a phone system that finally works for you! Business owners and experienced IT professionals will no longer be held hostage by limitations and extra costs of legacy telephone systems!

Asterisk software is the most widely used open-source voice communication software in the world. With a footprint in more than 170 countries.

Asterisk is used by most fortune 500 companies such as: Google, General Electric, eBay, Keller Williams, and the U.S. Army.

We are proud to introduce this incredible product to Northeast and Central Wisconsin!

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