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“The Sangoma Family of IP Communication Systems”
Sangoma offers 3 Flavors of IP Communication Systems:

  • Cloud-Based or Hosted Systems
  • Premise-Based (providing software and appliance onsite)
  • Virtualized (software loaded on customer’s server) VMWare or Hyper-V

The future is unlocked!

You have the freedom to change your technology platform in the future. Once you have telephones, software, user license, and programming you can keep your investment and move if your business model changes.

Asterisk software was created in 1999 by an Auburn college student named Mark Spencer. Originally designed for Linux, today Asterisk software runs on a variety of systems. Asterisk was developed in the United States and has become the most popular VoIP solution worldwide.

Sangoma is the owner and maintainer of Asterisk software and powers the Award-Winning Switchvox IP Communication System.

Switchvox is the Best Communications System for Your Business

Switchvox is more than a phone system – it’s a better way to communicate. The combination of Switchvox and Sangoma phones provides a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution for small and mid-sized businesses by integrating all of your office communications, including phone, fax, chat, and web conferencing, to give you a customized communications experience. It allows you to access call queues, presence and the applications you need right at your fingertips!

With the Switchvox Softphone App for iPhone and Android and our web-based Switchboard and user interface, employees can be productive from anywhere. No longer are users tied to their desk whenever they need to make a phone call! Switchvox also has tools that can connect your existing software and applications, such as Salesforce CRM and Outlook, to better arm your users with the contact information they need, when they need it. Talk about flexibility!

Switchvox Phone Systems

Ideal for any size business. Switchvox’s full-featured phone systems will get your company talking.

Asterisk Hardware

Digium’s line of telephony hardware is explicitly designed for Asterisk. Trust your solution to the leader in open source Business Phone Systems.

“D-Series phones” are built for Asterisk

Sangoma phones are built for Asterisk and Switchvox. Get a clear and sharp call with HDVoice, easy setup and installation, tightest integration with Asterisk, built-in & custom applications, and the best value in phones.

Get support for your IP Communication System

Get support for your Sangoma based system from our experts at Unitel. We offer subscriptions for every configuration and budget.

Integrates with Switchvox Systems

Unitel offers add-ons and Partner products that integrate with Asterisk, Switchvox & Sangoma

Unitel Training

Unitel offers a variety of instructor-led and online training classes to meet your needs.

History of Sangoma: The Future of Telecom

In 1999, an Auburn College student named Mark Spencer ran a Linux support business out of his dorm room. Since he couldn’t afford a legacy telephone system, he created his own by writing software he called Asterisk and made the first calls over the internet.

Mark Spencer’s open-sourced innovation disrupted the 7-billion-dollar Telecom Industry. Spencer’s company, called Digium, later acquired by Sangoma, is often referred to as the future of telecom.

“When Unitel was faced with choosing a new product, the decision was easy, and Switchvox has proven to be a great choice. Especially with the growing need for companies to disperse employees. It gives Switchvox customers a competitive advantage.


Welcome to the Future of Telecom.

Mark Spencer during his Thursday morning session at ETel.

Mark Spencer during his Thursday morning session at ETel.

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